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ACE manufactured HD Fenders are formed from a single piece of 3/16” checker plate aluminum

Aluminum Checker Plate Fenders

Our unique construction incorporates huck-bolted gussets and optional stiffeners to withstand all the punishment of the road and the job.

Stock sizes work with optional flanges to fit most tandem and tri-drive set-ups with custom sizes and configurations available.

Select from a huge selection of universal-fit and manufacturer/suspension-specific mounting brackets to create a durable, easily installed solution.

When ordering brackets, a Combo Tire Chain Hanger/Fender Bracket may be used as a Front Bracket. You will need one Rear Bracket per Fender for Tandem (Half) Fenders and Two Rear Fender Brackets per Fender for Tridem Fenders. Full Fenders use Two Front Brackets and One Rear Bracket.

Half Tandem Fenders

Tridem Fenders

Fender Accessories