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Please Note!
Due to unprecedented demand for our premier Welding Decks and Skids, lead-times may not fit with your requirements. We are now fully booked for 2024. Build slots for 2025 are being allocated on a first come first serve basis.

ACE Welding Skids

The ACE Slide-in Welding Skid is a highly customizable modular design that can be configured to fit all North American brand trucks both regular and long box.

All ACE skids start as a regular box application and can be ordered with add-on cabinets at the front to fill up the remaining space in an 8ft box.  The add-on cabinets can also be added later if you got a long box in the future or removed to fit into a regular box. 

Skid Specs

Benefits of the ACE Skid

  • ACE invented the original TUB design that fully protects your truck box from damage – everything else is a copy
  • TUB construction allows for better use of the limited space available
    • All your gear is contained within the skid and does not need to be removed to unload the skid from the truck
    • Traditional stick built skid bases leave your truck box exposed to damage and force you to unload all your gear to remove the skid…now you’ve got two piles of stuff to store?
    • Cabinets are fully supported by the tub not just a couple of posts in the corners
  • ACE Skid Cabinets incorporate all the great features we’ve developed over 13 + years of making boxes plus some specific enhancements just for welders
    • Sloped Front Cabinets include the ACE exclusive rain gutter perimeter with clip-on automotive style weather strip, reinforcing door pan glued in with 2 part transportation adhesive, whale tail  3 point latching, greaseable hinges and fully reinforced top to allow for mounting of fire extinguishers
    • Our cabinets are deeper!  Yes, you can fit bevellers and a decent sized drawer pack into our cabinets because how could we call it a Welding Skid if you couldn’t?
  • We use genuine Cargo Bed roll-outs and have developed welder specific brackets that key off the Cargo Bed for a warranty approved installation
  • We are an authorized AlumaReel distributor and have developed many different reel configurations to suit customer requirements