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ACE has developed two chain hanger solutions that fit any truck and cover most requirements.

Smooth-action pull-out with no bearings or moving parts, based on low-friction insert and precision-fit design.

Simple and affordable alternative to bulky, expensive bearing-based options.

Easier to operate and service than old-school designs

The sloped, low-profile base plate is designed to fit the rear frame with a universal-fit slotted bolt pattern that can be used with the existing mud-flap mounting bolt position.

Complete with reflective tape on the smooth aluminum, lockable cover this chain hanger is a solution for all makes, models and applications


As a leading Canadian manufacturer of metal products specializing in aluminum, ACE designs and fabricates industry-leading aftermarket accessories for the transportation sector and service vehicles.

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We also offer our suite of custom aluminum welding and manufacturing services - supported by our in-house CAD Department - as an OEM partner as well as a total solution custom fabrication studio.

The custom fabrication services we offer can range from small jobs of a few hundred dollars to large projects in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is a well diversified company capable of taking on work in many different sectors.

Already ahead of the competition with exceptional service, the Enhanced Value that ACE offers is in the Quality of our Products, the Suitability of our solutions and the Fairness of our pricing.


Our version of success is when we see trucks and rigs out on the road, working hard using ACE products that are loaded with gear and holding up after years on the road, doing what they need to do.

We accomplish that by building products that boast quality second-to-none in the industry and by working to be the kind of partner you want to work with based on our 7 commitments:

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  • We embrace the opportunity to educate our customers and aim to become trusted advisors.
  • We respond to inquiries and requests promptly, accurately and thoroughly and follow-up
  • We will do what we say we are going to do. If unforeseen circumstances arise, we will communicate and work to ensure the best possible outcome is reached.
  • We are honest enough to take ownership of our mistakes and then make up for them. We will work diligently to prevent the same issues from re-occurring.
  • We seek to build a great work environment and company culture, symbolized by a creative, knowledgeable, fun and friendly staff with low turn-over.
  • We empower our employees to make decisions that are in the best interest of our customers.
  • We set our prices to be competitive and fair to ensure that we can deliver quality products, and that our customers are provided the best value from the goods we supply.


ACE Products are proudly made in Saskatchewan, Canada!

Our production facility is located in Saskatoon, SK Canada - the birthplace of the Gordie Howe hat trick! That's why we are always ready to get into the corners and drop our gloves with the toughest conditions you face any day.

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Ace was founded in 2003 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan by the current ownership team who continue provide the experience and continuity that other industry leaders count on to deliver for their customers.

Their vision for ACE was to focus on the products that are critical to drivers and operators productivity every day. Making these products a primary business concern created an environment for attention to detail, product innovation, and service levels that were - and still are - unique in the industry.

We are grateful for the support of the industry and the many people that have contributed to our success. Since 2003, we have manufactured and sold hundreds of thousands of products while consuming over 5 million pounds of aluminum!


The ACE Team is dedicated and resourceful with plenty of experience and unique skill-sets we have sought out to help us create the best product offering available.

Management owned since the beginning, ACE is led by a small team of collaborative, hands-on fabrication industry leaders who set the tone for our commitment to quality.

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Our Admin is where our exceptional customer-service begins. Whether you need to check stock, find an old order or track a shipment, chances are you will be excited to have reason to call back.

Our In-House CAD Department converts ideas into actual designs everyday and they ensure that we can offer products with strength to spare that can easily be integrated into custom designs or rolled out in larger volumes. ACE uses only the latest software, hardware and techniques to generate durable, useable products.

Our Production Team is widely known for the visible quality of their work and the signature fit-and-finish that make it easy to spot an ACE-made product on the road. They take pride in their work and actively participate in problem solving and product improvement.


If aluminum welding and fabrication is your fortè, send us your resume and/or check out our OPPORTUNITIES page