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Please Note!
Due to unprecedented demand for our premier Welding Decks and Skids, lead-times may not fit with your requirements. We are now fully booked for 2024. Build slots for 2025 are being allocated on a first come first serve basis.

ACE Welding Decks

ACE Welding Decks utilize the combination of user-customization, solid construction techniques and modern styling.

Our design philosophy is that first and foremost, a Welding Deck is a tool to make your job easier so you can make more money with less effort. 

The ACE Welding Deck design is based on over 40 years of combined experience in aluminum manufacturing and specialty vehicle up-fitting. Material selection and joint construction are optimized for the properties of aluminum, as these are not steel decks converted to aluminum. ACE Decks are built to last, with none of the issues that “dabblers” have when they try to build an aluminum deck.  Doors that don’t seal, body filler hiding under the paint, wiring hanging out after 2 weeks, cracks that mysteriously appear after a trip across some wash board – not with an ACE deck! Once your new ACE Deck leaves our facility the next time we expect to hear about it is when your buddy calls to say they’re looking to upgrade and wants what you’ve got. 

We believe in the maxim “Form Follows Function”. A well-designed tool is a pleasure to use and doesn’t require any useless ornamentation. Once we’ve gone through the process of finding out how you want to lay out your deck, everything you need should fall readily to hand with no time wasted searching through piles of stuff. Just like the stinger you pick up every day it almost becomes an extension of your body. Other manufacturers incorporate a lot of flashy details to distract you from all the compromises you will have to make once the “coolness” has worn off. The functionality NEVER WEARS OFF an ACE deck and you can be proud to work beside it for years to come!

Deck Specs

Welding Deck Features:
  • Designs to fit all makes and models of North American Trucks.  
  • All aluminum construction with 6061-T6 channel sills & cross members
  • Exterior welds are TIG with MIG stiches inside for additional strength
  • Multiple tailboard and work plate configurations - round or oval lights available
  • Fender flares with steps at front & rear are bolt-on and repairable 
  • Driver side cabinet's - drawer pack's, rod storage, grinder storage, shelves, etc. to customer specs
  • Pass. side cabinet's - drawer pack's, rod storage, beveller storage, shelves, etc. to customer specs
  • Center cabinet - pipe stand storage, aux. fuel storage w/ pump, shelves, etc. to customer specs
  • Rear cabinets - left open or shelve/s to customer specs
Additional  Features include:
  • Sloop / Skid - Welding Equipment Platform (WEP) to suit all welders
  • Bottle storage - integrated O2, Acetylene & Propane - multiple configurations available
  • AlumaReel cable reels with configurations to suit customer requirements