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ACE Custom Welding Deck Spring 2021

Ready to work for 2021, this brand new 2020 Chevy 3500 is outfitted for dependability and maximum storage. Note a few of the features that you can order on your ACE Welding Deck.

  • Fluid holding tank located in the center bi-fold door cabinet.
  • Rear cabinets interior storage capacity of 50L each.
  • ACE manufactured sliding Drawer Packs in both the side cabinets.
    • Did you know we can build drawer packs to almost any size and shape to order?
  • Rope lighting on the interior cabinets provides excellent illumination in low light conditions.
  • DEF filler access has been updated to a secure location within the drivers side cabinet.

ACE Custom Welding Deck Nov 2019

SO7522 was completed in September of 2019 and incorporated many unique features.  A repeat ACE customer had the opportunity to get into a new deck and wanted it configured specifically for Pipelining. Brainstorming with the team at ACE allowed him to capture his vision.  Everyone involved thinks this is the coolest ACE DECK yet!

  • All aluminum with full coverage LINE-X coating
  • MEGA fenders with integrated marker lights and rear step platforms
  • Custom tailboard with flush mounted LED bar lights and RIGID flood lights
  • Custom pipe mount for light bars & speakers
  • Custom drawer pack, dual beveller plate, custom rod storage and enhanced cabinet lighting
  • Inverter with weatherproof 120V plug-ins
  • Transfer tank with pump & hose
  • Stainless Steel pounding plate with dual spinner sockets and removable tie-down anchors
  • Hidden cable tray with removable cover to run cables to front bumper

Shout out to Roy C. - thanks for choosing ACE!


ACE Custom Welding Deck March 2017

Completed in March of 2017 for a customer in the pipeline industry. The most noticeable feature on this particular deck is the custom paint that matched with the rubberized fenders and accents. The body is powdercoated an attractive satin black finish and the latches match the chrome accents on the truck itself. This particular unit has custom work table lighting and a 3" drop down on the 1/4" steel work surface. On the passenger side cabinet, there are dedicated spaces for welding rod storage. Also, a custom vertical pass through has been added on the left side for long tools like levels. One of the most effective uses of space is the custom liquid storage tank (175L capacity) with pump and filler in the center cabinet. The drivers side cabinet has a magnetic panel on the left side and in the lower section a giant ACE drawerpack for handtools. 

You know with an ACE Welding Deck, you can count on getting both form and function.