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Please Note!
Due to unprecedented demand for our premier Welding Decks and Skids, lead-times may not fit with your requirements. We are now fully booked for 2024. Build slots for 2025 are being allocated on a first come first serve basis.

Ordering Process

Over the years we’ve learned that everyones needs are unique

We go through a discovery process to really understand what kind of jobs you’re chasing (structural, facility work, big inch pipe, anything that rings the phone…)  this helps us configure your skid or deck to suit you.

Usually the process begins with the basic questions, such as:

  • Make, model and year of truck
  • Long box or short box
  • Type of welder

Then we get into the details that are specific to the product you want and the specific application.

We have a slightly different process for the Skids and Decks - both which require a bit of information for us to get started. From there, we can provide you with a basic quote. 

The thing to remember is that we’re building this for you. Unlike other manufacturers, we’re in the business of creating a working solution tailored to your needs, not making a generic system that 'sorta' works for you. 

We know that budgets are an important part of the process. Along the way, ACE is able to give you updated quotes based on needs and wants that come up. 

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