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Heavy Duty steel chain hangers with 5-6 hooks and lockable checker plate aluminum lids.

Tire Chain Hangers

ACE Tire Chain Hangers, Combo Fender Brackets and Fender Systems are all designed with the toughest conditions in mind.

  • Models available to pull-out & mount fenders &/or mud flaps
  • Galvanized whenever possible to create rust-resistant and durable components
  • Designs created in conjunction with up-fitters and dealers to install quickly
  • Wide variety of base configurations to fit multiple models and frame locations

The Low Friction Pull-Out Tire Chain Hanger is another design first from ACE!

  • Smooth-action pull-out with no bearings or moving parts, based on low-friction insert and precision-fit design.
  • Simple and affordable alternative to bulky, expensive bearing-based options.
  • Easier to operate and service than old-school designs

Pull-Out Style

Flip up Style