SK spec Rig-up Pkg for Logging Racks


SK spec rig-up pkg for LR7 Series Logging Rack


116.75in x 39.5in x 95in
(W x D x H)

Weight: 0lbs

Saskatchewan Spec Logging Rack Accessory Package

Consists of 2 x LR7A-DLG upper dual light guards, 2 X LR7A-SLG lower single light guards, 1 X LR7A-SGN-01 side sign board, 1 X LR7A-SGN-02 upper sign board, 1 X LR7A-SVL shovel holder, 1 X LR7A-BRM broom holder

All items are shipped loose for install by Dealer and/or Customer

These items may be purchased in other combinations or by themselves to create customer-specifc rig-up packages. See the Logging Rack section of Cab Guard Accessories page for more options.